Looking for an annual rental property?

We work on a 2 month renewable research mandate.
Fee for a custom rental : one month’s rent.
No booking charges.

Looking for a holiday rental?

Long-term rental:
530 euros including tax for Savoie and Haute Savoie regions.

Photos and reporting on your property:
145 euros including tax for Mont Blanc and Tarentaise regions.
Ask us for a quote for other regions.


Compiling your project details

Setting up your specifications

Putting together your application

Searching for a suitable property

Pre-visits to short-list appropriate properties

Clear and thorough reporting of properties visited

Accompaniment to properties on the short-list

Advice and submission of your application

Accompaniment to the lease-signing


Charge of 280 euros including tax:

Research of service providers
Contact with the property’s managers
Removals assistance
Assistance with setting up utilities accounts