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 The purchase of property is one of the biggest commitments we can make. Finding the best professional to help you with this process is essential to ensure that you get most efficient resolution to your project as well as the best price.
We want to guarantee you the very best service, our key values explain why:



 A Buyers’ Agent is a new profession dedicated exclusively to representing the needs of estate and property buyers.
This profession consists of taking charge – on behalf of a client – of the purchase of land or property:

  • Primary or secondary residence
  • Buy-to-let investment

The objective is to accompany buyers along the whole journey of their project, from initiating the project to signing for the property then furnishing and moving in.

An Estate Agent looks after the interests of the property owner. They search for buyers and renters in order to fulfil their contract with the property owner.

A Buyers’ Agent looks after the interests of the buyer. Their mission is to find, on behalf of their client, the property or estate that best suits the client’s needs. At the initial meeting buyers will discuss their precise requirements in order to avoid wasting time on fruitless visits, and to speed up the process of finding the ideal investment. The Buyers’ Agent will research via all means available (private sellers, notaries, auctions, estate agents…) to find the properties or estates that may suit the buyer’s needs. The agent will make the first visits to the property and provide full reports. If the client is interested in any of the properties visited by the agent, then a second visit with the client will be arranged.
The Buyers’ Agent and the Estate Agent are two complementary professions – each working for the needs of their respective clients.

 Lack of time, physical distance or the desire to have a thorough search of the market are all reasons to use a Buyers’ Agent.
Unlike an Estate Agent, a Buyers’ Agent provides a service that looks after the needs of the buyer:

  • Personal advice and accompaniment from A to Z
  • Protection of the interests of the client: study of price, interpretation of diagnostics, evaluation of technical and legal constraints
  • A quicker, more responsive process
  • Research of 100% of the market (estate agencies, private sellers & notaries, auctions)
  • Financial Research. Assistance with all administrative requirements and quotes for renovation or construction work to finalise the project.

The fees (between 2-4% of the value of the property purchased) are fixed at the initial research mandate, but are only applied in the case of purchase. In other words, you only pay if the agent finds you a property.
Don’t see the fees as a supplementary cost – it is the client who sets the total budget (fees included) at the initial meeting, therefore the Buyer’s Agent must find a property that meets this budget. In actual fact, the amount negotiated by the agent often reimburses fully or partially the amount in fees.

  • We possess a Professionals Card, known as a ‘Carte T’ (for property and business) which is given by the local administrative body and is subject to French property law
  • We are covered by public liability insurance (via Allianz, underwritten by Verspieren)
  • We sign a ‘research mandate’ with our clients to define the conditions of duration and investment
  • We have a thorough knowledge of our sector and the market pricing. We are consistently up-to-date with current trends and regulations
  • Being a recognised expert in the area, we can advise and guide buyers through their investment project
  • Our network and responsiveness allow us to efficiently see through the acquisition of our clients’ apartment, chalet, house or professional property. 

 The profession of Buyers’ Agent, relatively new in France, is developing and structuralising. The principal bodies in the sector have decided to unite within the FNCI, in order to support and formalise the development of the profession to defend the interests of consumers.

The FNCI represents::

  • Consumers: Clients using the service can be assured of adherence to a code of ethics and a label of quality
  • Estate sector professionals: Agencies, notaries, property sellers… Those with whom the members of the FNCI works in transparency and loyalty. Institutions (or public powers) for whom the FNCI represents the interests of the profession.
  • Members or future members who require a place to exchange and network.


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