D-3 Marathon du Mont-Blanc !

With 8 events and 10,500 runners from 80 nationalities, the end of June vibrates every year at the time of trail in Chamonix. The Chamonix Sports Club is organizing this year’s 41st edition of the Marathon with its legendary races like the 42 km.

The Mont Blanc Marathon is a trail event with 8 races. Several distances are offered to riders from all over the world to participate with family or friends. More than 10,500 runners from 80 different nationalities will have the joy of taking departures from Chamonix to travel the trails of the Valley. The Mont Blanc Marathon races are organized by the Chamonix Sports Club Association. Under the name Marathon du Mont-Blanc 8 races are organized: 90km from Mont-Blanc, 42km from Mont-Blanc, 23km from Mont Blanc, KM Vertical from Mont-Blanc, Starry Duet, Young Race Marathon, 10km from Mont-Blanc White and the Mini Cross of Mont Blanc (800m to 3km reserved for children according to their age categories). During 4 days, the Chamonix Valley will vibrate to the rhythm of the races: 40,000 people will be present on Chamonix to attend or participate in this event, and everything is done to welcome runners, companions and spectators in the best possible conditions. The event has become significant in a few years, so our organization is associative (non-profit) and relies on volunteers and the will of local communities. Faced with the craze, we must organize to improve the well-being and safety of all, with races taking place in the mountains in a sometimes difficult environment (especially the 90 km of Mont Blanc), runners must be aware of this particularity and prepare properly. Each rider can find a race adapted to his level of practice that will allow him to discover this unique environment that is the Valley of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Program :
Thursday, June 27, 2019 – Place du Mont-Blanc
09h00: Opening of the Trail Camp

Friday, June 28, 2019 – Square of the Friendship Triangle
04:00 am: Departure of the 90 km of Mont Blanc
16h00: Departure of the KM Vertical from Mont-Blanc
8:30 pm: KMV awards ceremony and raffle

Saturday, June 29, 2019
Paragliding area:
08h00: Departure 23 km from Mont Blanc
09h30: Mini Cross start
Raffle at the end of the race
13h00: Departure 10 km from Mont Blanc
Square of the Friendship Triangle:
From 16:00: Prize giving ceremony 23 km, 90 km
and 10 km followed by the raffles
5.30 pm: Official presentation of the 42 km elite
8 pm: Departure of the Starry Duo

Sunday, June 30, 2019
07h00: Departure 42 km from Mont Blanc – Triangle of Friendship Square
10.00 am: Start Young Race Marathon – Tour Village
From 4.30 pm Friendship Triangle place: Star Duo Award, Young Race Marathon, and 42 km from Mont Blanc followed by raffles.

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